Competition Info 

Watch Spring Stars 

April 13th-April 18th 2021
Free to watch live through the Spring Stars Website


More info to come 

Competition Filming 

All filming days will be at Warman Middle School Auditorium. Parents are not allowed in the auditorium during the filming days. We do have a few change rooms that are booked for dancers who have quick changes. Parents will be allowed in the changeroom during the filming days to help with hair changes and costume changes ONLY. 

Parents and dancers are to not wait in these changerooms between sessions. 

Dancers will be staying in the auditorium during their filming sessions. All dancers will enter and exit the auditorium at the same time in a session. 

Our normal covid policies are in effect while filming- all dancers are to be wearing masks the entire time (we will have new disposable matching masks for each routine). All dancers will remain 3 meters apart at all times and cleaning happens between sessions by staff. 


Once again, we will be running on time. Dancers must be present at the start of the session or they will not be allowed in the auditorium and will miss their filming opportunity.  If dancers miss their session, refunds and credits will not be made. 

Costs are per dancer and per number 
Mandatory Competition Fees

The following must be completed: 

-Please note that dancers who have a total of 3 UNEXCUSED absences between January 1st-May 1st will not be permitted to compete. See competition information document for more info. 
Failure to follow the above rules will result in removal of the 2020/2021 competition and fees will not be returned.