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Dress code approved items can be found in our store 

Dress Code

General Reminders about Dress Code:

  • Please ensure everything is clearly labelled- individual shoes, socks, underpants…you’ll be amazed at the amount of lost and found items we generate!!

  • Long hair MUST BE pulled back out of your face. Specific details about this are highlighted below in the style-specific section.

  • Jeans are not acceptable for dance class unless an instructor has asked you to wear jeans for costuming purposes.

  • No Jewellery as this is unsafe (studs are acceptable).

  • If your child currently has a different color shoe then the ones listed below (i.e. black tap or jazz shoes) please do not feel you have to rush out and buy new shoes immediately. Black shoes are acceptable for classes, we just ask that by performance time your child has the assigned color footwear to go on stage.This gives you plenty of time to try to hunt down used shoes if you do not want to purchase brand new shoes for your child.

Here is a list of the style-specific requirements here at Dancers Edge:

Ballet: Leotard and tights (dance shorts, skirt or dress are optional). Pink ballet slippers are required for stage/photos. Dancers Edge recommends a split sole leather ballet slipper for our ballet dancers. Dancers Edge does not require dancers to wear a specific color of tights or leotard for class. When hair is long enough we ask that ballet dancers come to class with a bun.

Pointe: Follow same attire as ballet.  If you are new to the Pointe Program Please do not purchase pointe shoes in the summer months. Dancers who are new to pointe will be doing pre-pointe work prior to needing pointe shoes. Your child’s instructor will provide guidance when it comes time to purchasing your first point shoes. Please have your pointe shoes properly fitted at Dance Street. Ouch pouches are allowed for pointe dancers if they choose.

Tap: Exercise Attire: Capris, Skirt, leggings or dance shorts (NO BAGGY PANTS). Tan Slip On Tap shoes are required for stage/photos. Dancers levels 3+ should all have non buckled-slip on tap shoes. Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or bun for class.

Jazz: Exercise Attire: Leotard, Fitted Tank Top, Capris, Skirts, leggings or dance shorts are acceptable (NO BAGGY PANTS). Tan slip on jazz shoes (no laces) are required for stage/photos. Hair should be pulled back in a pony tail or bun for class.

Hip-Hop: Exercise Attire (Sweat pants are acceptable).  Indoor NON MARKING running shoes or hip-hop shoes (NO loose skater shoes). Instructor may request a specific color of shoe for performance. Hair should be pulled back for class.

Lyrical: Exercise Attire, dresses and free flowing tops are acceptable for lyrical. Students can choose to wear: Tan jazz shoes, nude toe underwear or bare feet (instructor will decide on stage footwear based on the group and the piece).

Modern: Exercise attire and bare feet, nude toe underwear or modern shoes (instructor will decide on stage footwear based on the group and the piece).

Musical Theater: Exercise attire, bare feet, nude jazz shoes or nude toe underwear (instructor will decide on stage footwear based on the group and the piece).