Our Covid-19 prep and policies

We are committed to the safety of our dancers, parents and staff.  

- Classes are limited to accommodate for proper social distancing rules.

-Choreography has returned to normal and social distancing "boxes" have been removed from the floor. 

- High contact areas are cleaned hourly while the studio is open. 

- Floors are cleaned daily. 

- Dancers are to use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the studio. 

- Easily accessible hand sanitizer and hand wash stations throughout the studio. 

- Waiting rooms are now open. 

-Classes continue to be available for dancers who are ill or on isolation. 

-Dancers, staff and parents are to wear masks while in the studio at all times.  Disposable masks will be available, but dancers are encouraged to wear their own reusable mask. 

As restrictions change, we will continue to follow suit to keep our dance community safe. 

All classes have the opportunity to be video streamed. ask how!

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