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Hey, I am Amy

Oh Lordy- where do I even start? Well, for those of you that don't know me- I am Amy, the Studio Owner here at Dancers Edge. The last few months have been nothing short of crazy and I am blessed by an incredible team of dancers, staff and parents who make the craziness so worth it. I thought I would take a few minutes and let you know a bit about me and why I chose to call DE home.

Let's start at the beginning. That's literally how long I have been at Dancers Edge. Since day 1. The O-G. I started at Dancers Edge from the day of it's conception in 2012. That first year I hung around the studio as a senior dancer as well as a Junior Instructor. From there I became a Senior Instructor and then later came on as the Studio Assistant. No matter the chaos of my personal life- DE could not. get. rid. of me. I spent my 19th birthday painting the walls of Studio A. Ive slept on the floors of both the old Osler Hall as well as the current office. I made my high school boyfriend (now husband) spend his Saturdays handing out fundraising and run out to Subway to pick up lunch on a dress rehearsal day. I also think my poor father could drive to Osler and back in his sleep. I am the first to admit, my love for the studio has always been a family affair.

When I was in Grade 11, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. For anyone that has a history with this disease- you know how this story goes. Chemo, radiation, surgery, remission, re-diagnosis, metastasize; the whole 9 yards. This went on for just under 3 years until she lost her life on Victoria Day, 2016 at the age of 45. For promising that she was NOT A DANCE MOM- She loved DE almost as much as I do. So much so, that in April 2016 she purchased a recital ticket from her hospital bed, hoping she could muster up the energy to attend. On May 6th 2016, I had her recital ticket in my purse as she sat in the hospital bed confused to what year it was, let alone that it was recital day. I remember sitting back stage, watching my little Ballet 1 dancers, wishing she was sitting in that auditorium. She passed quite quickly following that. The community of DE stood beside me through this entire journey- the wins, the progress CT scans, the funeral; everything. I turned around and Dancers Edge was always there. Not just dance, but the human-beings that are Dancers Edge.

In the summer of 2018, I got married, received my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and quickly obtained a job in Melfort Hospital. Even though Melfort became home, I missed the crazy hustle and bustle of weekly classes, costumes, and competition prep. But mostly, I missed the community. Anyone who knows me, knows that being a Registered Nurse has been a life long dream, but being my own boss and owing a business was always in the cards.

When the opportunity came along to purchase Dancers Edge, I jumped..okay jumped isn't even strong enough- I freaking pounced. Whether you are religious or not- I knew this opportunity was a God answered prayer that I couldn't pass up.

The changes I have seen over the last 9 years are incredible. From programming to staffing as well as the obvious- physical studio space; DE has grown to incredible lengths to better serve our families. I experienced the first year of 55 dancers and I have experienced the most recent 300 dancer season. All seasons have been phenomenal in their own ways and posed their own challenges (thanks a lot Covid), but somehow the community, no- the family always comes out on top. Don't get me wrong, it has been tough, but when you are surrounded by 300 of your favourite dancers and 18 of your favourite staff as well as some kick-butt key players- there is nothing else to do but be grateful, humbled and just work your buns off.

The goals I have for us are huge. We have a long ways to go but every day we are one step closer to the vision I have set our for Dancers Edge. I want everyone who walks into our building to understand what I mean when I say we are a "family." I want young people- but most importantly- young girls to find inspiration within our four walls. I hope that I can create a space where dancers are able to find comfort and joy through dance and community, the same way that I have. I know this last year has been crazy, and I have a lot of learning to do, but Dancers Edge once again has stood behind me- and for that, I am forever grateful.

I can't believe we are already one year in together- but man, do we ever have a life time to go.

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