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Hey, I am Rhonda!

Hi, my name is Rhonda, my daughter Sienna began with Dancer’s Edge way back when it was still out in Osler about 6 years ago. She began dance at the age of 5, so this will be her 10th year of dance.   She loves everything about dance, it’s really become a passion! She’s been involved in almost every genre of dance at one time or another. The team at Dancer’s Edge is fantastic, classes are fun yet the kids are learning so much. Not only about dance technique, but also self confidence, team building and forming some valuable friendships along the way! 

My husband, Derek and I have had all 3 of our kids in dance at one point or another! Our son Dawson did hip-hop, and had a fun time with it. And our youngest daughter Whitney has done tap, jazz, and has a love for Acro which she is continuing on with this season. 

One special dance memory was my girls performing a duet together, many memories made and a bond between sisters strengthened!

Another great aspect is the chance to compete at competitions! Let me tell you, it’s nothing like the show Dance Moms! It has honestly just been a lot of fun and there is never any pressure from the instructors, only praise and encouragement no matter how it goes!

You can usually find me hanging out in the waiting area at the studio with a book, as we live in Martensville and don’t want to travel back and forth more than we have to! And I love to visit and chit chat so come talk anytime.

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