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Hey, I am Jessica

Hello Dancer’s Edge, I have been a part of this wonderful studio coming up on five seasons now. Every year I watch my students, staff and studio grow and it is inspiring. But who am I? I am Jessica Vik, a senior instructor at the studio. I am twenty-three years old and I am from Nipawin, Saskatchewan. I have recently convocated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Arts and Science Four-year Health Studies degree and a Bachelor of Arts Four-year Psychology degree and was just accepted into a Masters in Counselling Psychology program that I will start in September. As stated above, I am a senior instructor at the studio and teach a multitude of styles. I grew up training at the Nipawin School of Dance, starting at the young age of 4 in the genres of ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, pointe, and hip-hop. I have completed all CDTA Tap and Jazz exams as well as all RAD Ballet examinations up to Advanced 1; with Advanced 2 being the highest level. In November 2017, I completed my CDTA Associate Jazz dance instructor exam, in August 2018 I completed two Acrobatic certification courses including Acrobatic Arts and in November 2019 I completed my CDTA Licentiate Jazz dance instructor exam. Dance has always been my passion and I did not think that my love for dance could grow more, until I started teaching. 

My role as a senior instructor is to share my passion, knowledge and skill for the art of dance and as an instructor I pride myself with my training. The training I grew up with and the extra steps I have taken for teacher training allows me to train my students with the best possible knowledge I can give them. The goal I have for myself as an instructor is to help my students find success in their goals, they create for themselves or the year (splits, turns, jumps, confidence on stage, etc.). I do this as an instructor to allow my students to become more confident, comfortable and independent human beings in and out of the studio and to build their technique as a whole. 

I chose Dancer’s Edge because I wanted to teach at a small-town studio as I grew up dancing in a small-town studio and I love the closeness that is formed – similar to a family. In 2016 I was able to start my teaching career at DE. I continue to teach at DE because of the family aspect, the growth I see in my students, the friendships I have created with my other staff members and because I have personally grown with the studio throughout the past four seasons. Dancer’s Edge is open to change, new beginnings and is always welcoming which makes this studio an amazing place to work. 

If you ever see me in the community, or around the studio please don’t hesitate to say hi! Can’t wait to see all you lovely people in the fall!

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