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Hey, I am Kristal!

I'm currently on my 7th anniversary of my 29th Birthday and I've been a proud Dance Mom for almost 10 years now.

My daughter Aaliayh is 12 (yup you heard that right she's been dancing since she was 2 1/2 years old)

We're originally from Winnipeg, MB. A big city and a VERY high class dance studio. Being a military family we were forced to move when my husband was posted. We ended up here in Warman back in 2016 and I was very hesitant to sign her up in a small town dance studio. But the more I asked around the more recommendations Dancers Edge had. So we finally caved and enrolled Aaliyah in a couple classes that year.

Instantly we knew what a little gem this studio was. She was not just a student at Dancers Edge, she was a member of the family.

Being a new kid you would think it would be a big adjustment right? Nope! Dancers Edge took her in and she has always felt welcome and treated as a part of the team.

Fast forward a couple years, Aaliyah now is part of the DE Crew team, and is involved in more classes than I'd like to admit. It's worth all of it seeing her do what she loves in an environment that is so supportive. Her weeks are filled with classes and she wouldn't have it any other way. She has been taught so much in such as a short time and I am forever greatful for such a wonderful group.

Dancers Edge and the staff will always be home to us.

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