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Hey, I am Teri!

Hi, my name is Teri. I am a mom to 3 teenage girls, a wife, an educational assistant and the Dancers Edge office assistant. I've been hanging around Dancers Edge since the very beginning. My daughter (Jenna) was 5 years old and asked to take a hip hop class. 'OK sure' I thought, '1 class, the dance world isn't really my thing but I can handle 1 class.'

Boy was I wrong!

1 class turned into 2.  2 turned into 8 seasons and counting and so very very very many dance classes.   Now, here I am as both a dance mom (which I was positive I was never going to be) and the studio assistant. Wow, what a ride full of memories.

Some of you may know my daughter Jenna. Jenna is a senior dancer and a junior instructor at Dancers Edge. Believe it or not she used to be the shy kid. The one who hid behind my leg anywhere we went. Do you know when that changed? 8 years ago when she joined a small dance studio. She fell in love, found her passion, found courage, found confidence and found a whole bunch of new friends. Noone would ever know she refused to talk to strangers once upon a time. That is thanks to a studio that has always been an accepting, encouraging, loving and fun family. The instructors are like big sisters who really care about the dancers. Being a first time dance family at Dancers Edge we were taken in and immediately included and accepted. That has never changed year after year. Dancers Edge really is a family. So much so that I now work during the day at my first job and spend my evenings in the Dancers Edge office. Remember how I said the dance world really wasn't my thing and definitely wouldnt be a dance mom? Dancers Edge has made it easy to be both.

Next time you're around the studio feel free to stop in and say hi.

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