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Hey, I'm Jen!

I became a dance mom by accident!  While I was on mat leave from my job as a teacher in Martensville with my second child, I was told about a spring Teeny Feet session.  A friend from high school-who I ended up working with-referred me to Dancers Edge.  She said her step daughter was going to be leading a class.  So I signed my daughter up and that was the start of her love affair with dance!  Miss Amy ended up being the teacher of that session.  Little did I know, but once Ainsley saw her first tutu, she was hooked!  We signed up for the next year in Teeny Feet again because Ainsley was only 3.  After that year, we signed in for a full season.  We are back again for season 9 and are looking forward to all the adventures it brings!  Once, while having a casual conversation with Amy after Season 7, I joked with her that she should just take over and buy DE...little did we know this would happen a few short weeks later!! I am the mom who is often on her phone, replying to parent emails or taking a minute for the first time in a day to scroll through Facebook while waiting for class to end!  I am also the parent who cried while watching Ainsley's first recital.  I am the mom who had to call other dance parents for stage make up advice and for guidance about entering the world of competition!  I fully admit I knew very little about dance when we started but we love every second of it now.  DE has become a family for us and we would not change that!

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